What Will Your Next Hairdo Be?

A recent study has confirmed what the hair stylists at Pavlova Salon in Saint James have observed over many years: many women change their hairstyles about twice a year. While that would sound fickle to most men who probably change their hair style twice in a lifetime (including when and if they start losing it), these women find good reasons to change their hairstyle, including:

• Celebrating a milestone achievement: graduating (from high school, college, graduate school), a promotion at work, having a baby, …. The list goes on and on.
• Celebrating a life-changing event: a break up, a divorced, a death in the family, getting engaged, getting married …. and so on.
• Celebrating a milestone birthday: 16, 18, 21, 25, 30, 40, 50, ….
• Celebrating a personal milestone: anniversary, child’s graduation
• A special event or party
• At the change of seasons (long hair in winter; short hair in summer)
• Change of color (graying)
• Maturity: that waist-length hair looks a little long in the tooth on some 60-something women (but not you!).
• Activity level: your long hair gets in the way when you’re exercising, swimming, boating, in your new convertible ….
• Keeping up with fashion. Your new wardrobe simply calls for a new hairstyle too.
• And, the ever-popular, “I’m bored with it”.

Read on to learn how to pick a new hairstyle.

How to Pick a New Hair Style

Whatever your reason, and we’re sure it’s a good one, you still have to decide what your new hair style will be. Some women go to their hair stylist on a whim and just ask for something “new and different”. We don’t recommend this approach. While it sometimes works out and the stylists at Pavlova Salons in St. James attempt to ask questions about your personality, your style and what you like and don’t like to find the perfect style for you, it’s best if you do a little research first.

Magazines are the best place to find inspiration. Check out your favorite celebrity “look” and see if you think their hairstyle will look good on you. Remember when everyone had to have “the Rachel” from Jennifer Aniston’s haircut in “Friends”? Who else has a style you like that would look good on you, give you confidence and match your mood and personal style?

Of course, there’s simply no better place to find more hairstyles in one place than to look at hairstyle magazines. You’ll be most successful if you try to find one you like that matches your face shape, your skin type and color. The hair that looks great on someone with a round or oval face may not look so good on your angular face. The same goes for a hairstyle that looks good on a dark complexion if you have a very light complexion. And finally, consider your hair color. That blonde with the great “do” make not look as perfect on your auburn hair. Of course, you can always change your hair color.

Whatever you decide, bring all your pictures to your hair stylist or hair colorist at Pavlova Salon in Smithtown. The professional stylists will be able to evaluate your choices and use their experience, training and judgment to advise you on the best style for you. Contact us today at 631-780-4862 in Saint James to set an appointment for your new hair style.

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