Summer Hair Styles Long Island NY

Well, now that we’ve passed Memorial Day, it’s officially time to think about our summer vacation plans. And with summer vacation, it’s time to think about how we want to wear our hair this summer.

For most people, summer brings a more active lifestyle. The days are longer, and after a winter of being cooped up indoors (even if it was a relatively mild winter), we want to get out and enjoy some sunshine. This may mean some relaxing time at the beach or by the pool or it may mean more active pursuits like running, biking, tennis, etc. Whatever your favorite form of summer fun is, you’ll want to consider your summer hair style and how it fits into your lifestyle.

Some of us consider taking a little length off our tresses for summer. This can make your hair a little more manageable during your active pursuits. Less hair = less work. But you don’t have to go to the extreme of a short bob to keep your hair out of your face. In some cases, longer hair makes it easier to keep it put. It’s can be very difficult to put shorter hair in a ponytail or braid. And who wants to mess with a bunch of bobby pins every day? Talk to your stylist about summer hair styles that will work for your hair type, your face, your personal style and your summer activity level. They’ll be able to help you pick a style that works for you.

Remember also that summer also brings lots of potential hair hazards. If you’re a water-lover, chlorine and salt water can do a lot of damage to your hair, drying it out and making it feel brittle and “fried”. Check out our tips to protect your hair while swimming.

All that activity is going to mean lots more bathing and showers. Washing your hair too often can cause damage but, while you’re drying your hair between an afternoon at the water and that fancy evening barbeque remember that drying your hair can be one of the most damaging things you can do to your summer hairstyle. Be sure to read our proper hair drying tips.

If you’re going to be stressing your hair this summer make sure you feed it so it can handle the stress. In addition to eating right to ensure your hair gets the proper nutrients to keep it healthy and you happy, there are many hair conditioning products on the market to give your hair a healthy boost. Be careful though, because over-conditioning your hair can leave your summer hair style flat and lifeless and attract more dirt and pollutants that can damage it even more. There are many good hair care products and bad hair care products on the market today. In fact, some products may be great for one hair type or style, but make another flat, lifeless or frizzy. Talk to your professional hair stylist about the right hair care products for your hair and your summer hair style.

Now’s the time to start planning your summer hair style. Give your professional hair stylist at Pavlova Salon a call in Saint James, NY at 631-780-4862 and we’ll make sure you have a style that works for you and offer you some styling and hair care tips to ensure it looks beautiful all summer long.

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