Professional Hair Color Basics and Tips

The perfect hair color can change how the world sees you and how you see the world. It can even change your entire personality. The right color can make you happy and energized, while the wrong one can make you depressed every time you look in the mirror.

It’s often been said, and hotly disputed, that “blondes have more fun”, redheads are “fiery” and brunettes are … well, common. This is certainly not true (at least not in every case), but we do know that the right hair color can make a difference in how the world perceives you and how you perceive the world around you.Professional expert hair color at Pavlova Salon Long Island NY

We’ve all had the experience of seeing someone with a bad hair color treatment and thought (or said) “What was she thinking?”. We’ve also probably had the opposite experience and thought “OMG, her hair is just beautiful! It perfectly complements her skin tone, it brings out her eyes. She’s just beautiful!” — even when we’ve known the person for years and never noticed her before. It’s true that the right hair color, whether it’s a platinum blonde, a more natural light brown, or a perfectly highlighted auburn, can turn you from simply pretty to Absolutely Beautiful!

We’ve likely all tried to color or at least touch up our hair with an over-the-counter hair color – often with disastrous results! Many over the counter products just don’t perform as advertised and can damage your hair, requiring extensive repair treatments for the hair, not to mention correcting the wrong color.

Hair coloring is part art and part science. Professional hair colorists study for years to perfect their craft. They have to know color theory, color pigmentation, chemistry, how the pigments react with different hair types, how they look with certain skin tones and even be part psychologist to know your personality and reflect that in your hair color. Professional hair color experts spend years in training and continuing education to know the newest theories and best products on the market today.

There are dozens of different types of products out there to color, tint or highlight hair. From over-the-counter color rinses, color shampoos, hair color sprays, and color mascara; to semi-permanent colors without peroxide or ammonia; permanent colors with penetrating tints that do contain peroxide and/or ammonia like tints, highlighters, and lighteners; single process colors, double process colors; and then there are the other industry terms like highlights, lowlights, tints, dyes, toners, foils, caps, free hand painting, etc. This list goes on and on. It’s no wonder professional hair color experts spend so much time training.

The important thing to remember is that the right color can make or break your hair style and your entire “look”, so it pays to get it right. Finding the perfect professional colorist for you is like finding the right therapist. They’re as good as gold. All the professional hair color experts at Pavlova Salons in Saint James, NY are dedicated to their craft and their profession. They work hard every day to ensure they can deliver the perfect color for you every time. When you’re ready for your perfect hair color, stop in to your nearest Pavlova Salon or give us a call for a consultation. We’re conveniently located in Smithtown (Saint James), NY.

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