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Pavlova has been considered the best salon on Long Island, with two great locations in St. James, NY. We serve Smithtown and surrounding areas.



Over time, keeping up with fashion and its ever-changing hair styles can sometimes compromise the health of your hair. For hair to stay healthy, it needs a complete diet of proteins, minerals and vitamins. Pavlova Salon is committed to only providing the best, proven hair and skin care products for the health and well-being of its valued clients. Pavlova’s professional staff thoroughly researches and tests every product it recommends before ever considering using it on a client. We stand behind the quality and performance of every product we use in our salons. If it’s not good enough for us, we wouldn’t think of applying it to your hair or skin.

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Unite Eurotherapy

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Unite Eurotherapy is a salon exclusive luxury hair care line. Used by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Nina Dobrev, this product line is guaranteed to enhance your hair service. Unite features products that are sulfate free and paraben free, which helps to extend the life of your color service, as well as maintain healthy hair in between salon visits.


A Beauty Range for Your Hair. Sebastian designs hair care products for individuals and not the mass market. The company understands that one shampoo and conditioner cannot suit all hair types! The business has worked hard to create a diverse range of brands that tackle specific hair care issues. This list of innovative brands includes Originals, Laminates, Evokativ, Body Double and Xtah which all fall under the Sebastian umbrella.

Moroccan Oil

A powerful antioxidant and UV protector, Moroccan Oil’s proprietary Argan oil blend is rich in vitamins and natural elements that fortify the hair, including Vitamin F (Omega 6), Vitamin A to improve elasticity, Vitamin E to protect against free-radicals, and Phenols to shield against environmental stressors. Moroccan Oil®’s Argan oil is harvested under a fair trade program which provides substantial socio-economic support to thousands of families in the Souss-Massa region of Morocco. Revenue from this project provides income to families and helps improve the working conditions of rural women. It is also used for reading, writing and management classes, as well as for modern infrastructure and technology that help make harvesting easier and more efficient, ensuring long-term management of the Argan forest.

Deva Care

Deva Concepts Products are designed exclusively to fulfill the needs of curly, wavy and chemically processed hair. If you have curly, wavy, chemically processed hair you will find that Deva has just the right products made especially for you! If you use ordinary shampoos with their harsh-detergent formulas you’re laundering your curly hair, leaving it over dry, frizzy and shapeless. Deva Products are the unique blend of botanically infused moisturizers and cleansers that respect your hair’s natural order, restore it, moisturize, and completely rejuvenate your hair to make it look healthy and beautiful.No harsh detergents are used. These products are botanically infused and 100% SULFATE-FREE. All unnecessary chemicals that play on your hair’s vulnerability are removed. Deva Company added extra moisturizing botanical ingredients that properly cleanse, condition and re-hydrate the hair much more than any other products that could be found in the market today. Each and every product has its own unique blend of botanicals and moisturizing agents that will improve the quality of your hair.