Look Your Best: Perfect Holiday Hair Styles for You!

Look your best at all your holiday parties with great a hairstyle

“It’s the most, won-der-ful time of the year…” The holidays are surely upon us now. It’s the one time of the year that we make time to see family and friends. From casual get-togethers, to formal dinner engagements and office holiday parties, we tend to do more socializing at this time of year than any other. And we have to look our best, right?

From that new dress to the perfect holiday hair style for the event, we want people to mean it when they say “you look great!”. You need a holiday hair style that easily transforms from casual pretty for the get-together to elegant and polished for a more formal affair.

Casual cocktail party
Running from shopping and holiday errands to meet the girls for a quick drink or two? A casual but polished ponytail might be just the thing. With the right cut, you can just blow dry your hair straight, then gather into a low ponytail and secure with a pretty elastic ponytail holder. Use a little hair spray or other product to flatten down the fly-aways. Then, for a little more polished look, smooth your bangs and pull a few pieces out to frame your face beautifully.

Organized company party
When the party’s a little more organized, you want a more formal, but still fun, holiday hair style. Let your hair down and choose a style that goes with your perfect party dress. It’s a time to show a little more of your fun side than you usually show your coworkers, while still keeping it professional. This isn’t the time to go super sexy, but you can let a little more of your personality shine. You might consider wearing your hair down and giving it some waves with a large barrel curling iron. Then brush through the curls to give it a more natural look. Add a little product to make it hold through the night and your coworkers will see a new, but still professional, you.

Elegant dinner party
For the elegant dinner party, you want a little more polish. Depending upon the company, your dress might be a little more conservative and your hair should reflect that style. You might still wear your hair down, but pin it back on one side or both. Add a holiday hair clip to keep with the festive mood. While your hair is still damp, add a little mousse or your other favorite product and scrunch it up to add body. Then grab a few sections and use a curling iron to give yourself a few selective elegant waves. Pull one the front on one side of your face back and pin it back at ear level. Then try the other side if that’s the look you’re going for. Finish it off with a little hairspray to tame those unruly fly-aways for a perfect elegant holiday style.

Formal holiday banquet
Nothing beats a perfect updo for the most elegance for a formal holiday banquet at an expensive restaurant or country club. While you might need some professional help here if you really want to dress to impress, there are some styles you can do yourself with the right cut and style to start with.

No matter what your holiday party schedule looks like, you need to look your best during these hectic times. Be sure to see your professional hair stylist to make sure your hair is in tip top shape for all your upcoming holiday events. Talk to them about what you have coming up and ask them for their tips. Remember, they’re professionals and do this every day. They’re sure to give you a few pointers to ensure your holiday hair style is perfect no matter the event you’ll be attending.

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