It’s a New Year; Time for a New You!

Don’t Date Yourself with Last Year’s Hair Style
Are you still wearing the same hair style you did last year? The year before? Five years ago? Well, you’re friends might not tell you, but if you haven’t changed your hair style in a while you may be dating your look. Hair styles, like fashion, change with the seasons and certainly with the years. While there are definitely classic looks that wear well year after year, there are often subtle nuances that can date a style. Like hemlines or lapel sizes, the right hairstyle says a lot about you and if you’re wearing last year’s style, you may not like what you’re saying about yourself (or what others are saying behind your back).

#1. Look at the Latest Looks for an Hair Style Update
Take a look through the latest fashion magazines and look at what the models are wearing. While they’re showing off the latest designer clothes, chances are, they’re also sporting the latest hair fashions. We’ve been looking at the hairstyles models are sporting at the latest 2012 fashion shows, and we see all sorts of new trends appearing (or re-appearing). From slicked back hair styles to new center and side parts, and from “retro” to “gym hair”, all sorts of new styles have been gracing the runways. Each of the styles may be grounded in classic looks, but they take on a new fashion-forwardness for 2012. A lot of the new hair styles have original treatments, from angles and edges, cuts and feminine designs. The models’ hair styles range from classic to contemporary and pixies to spikes and glam to chic.

#2. Your Favorite Celebrity Might have Your New Look
Of course fashion models are made up to the extreme and their hair styles made up to match so some may be a little too much for your everyday wear. If your own personal style is a little more subdued than couture, look to your favorite celebrities for a trendy, but realistic hairstyle (as long as you avoid the latest Lady Gaga looks). Actors and actresses have to look the part, but in their personal lives most don’t have a personal stylist follow them around every day, yet they still have to look their best to maintain their image.

#3. Bring Us Your Ideas for Your New You
When you find a look (or looks) you like, tear out the pages and bring them in to your favorite professional hair stylist for their opinion. Just as not every clothing fashion works on every body type, not every hairstyle works on every type of hair and face shape. Any stylist worth their scissors and blow dryer stays current on all the latest trends (the stylists and professional colorists at Pavlova Salons in Saint James (Smithtown) , NY regularly attend continuing education courses with the top hair stylists in the world to keep their skills sharp and on the leading edge of hair fashion).

#4. Come in for a Hair Care Consultation
When you’re ready, stop in to your nearest Pavlova Salon or give us a call for a consultation. We’re conveniently located in Smithtown (Saint James), NY (631-780-4862).

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