How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Day Hair Style

Your perfect day is coming up. You’ve got everything ready: your dress, your shoes, your flowers…. But what about your hair? Everyone’s going to be looking at your face as you’re the beaming new bride. And don’t forget all the pictures, from the formal ones to those all your friends and family will be taking of you. Your hair is the frame to your new bride’s face. How will you frame that beautiful painting?

Wedding Day Hair Style for BridesWedding hairstyles run the gamut from updos to tight curls, long and flowing to sleek and cutting edge. What is your personal style? It’s important to get it right, because your wedding photos will be around for a long time. Your wedding hair will play a starring role with your dress and your headpiece. They all have to match and complement each other and your own personal style. So where do you start?

At Long Island’s Pavlova Salon in Saint James we recommend that you don’t wait until the last minute to make your wedding hairstyle decisions. Your wedding day will be hectic enough without worrying about how you’re going to do your hair. Start planning your wedding hair a few months in advance. Look through your favorite bridal magazines and pick out styles you think will work with your face, your dress and your headpiece. Then make an appointment with your favorite stylist a month or two in advance for a wedding hairstyle consultation. Bring a picture of your dress, and the hairstyles you think you’ll like and bring in your headpiece if you’re going to wear one.

Make sure when you make your appointment that you let the stylist know why you’re coming. You’ll want to leave plenty of time to try different styles. You don’t want to be rushed and neither does your stylist. We want you to be relaxed and get the perfect wedding hairstyle.

At your first appointment, narrow down your selection to a few hairstyles you think you like for your wedding day. Leave the salon with a hairstyle you like and live with it for a day or so. See how it feels. Go home and try on your dress and see how it looks with the whole package. If you love it, you’re done. You have your wedding hairstyle and you can make your appointment for your wedding day knowing you’ll have the perfect hairstyle for your special day and all the photographs to come.

If you like it, but you’re still not sure, don’t worry. If you made your appointment early enough, you should still have time plenty of time to try a few more styles. You probably didn’t buy the first dress you tried on, so you may not want to go with the first wedding hair style you try on. Make another appointment and try a few more hair styles. You’ve been dreaming of this day all your life; you don’t want to rush through one of the most visible parts of your wedding day appearance.

Pavlova Salon’s hair stylists in our Saint James location have been creating beautiful bridal hairstyles for years and years. We’ve done brides’ hair in everything from traditional updos to cutting edge glam cuts and everything in between. We understand how important this day is to you and we’re honored to be a part of it. To be honest, doing a bride’s hair is a privilege that we take it very seriously. We know this is not just any other hairstyle. Of course, we’re also very excited for you, so we want to do something extra-special just for you.

You can have the peace of mind that Pavlova Salon’s stylists have the experience and training to make sure your hair is as beautiful as you are and that it not only complements your dress and headpiece, but that it matches your own personal style. At either of our salons in Wading River or Saint James, you never have to worry that you’re being too picky or indecisive or that you you’re not sure exactly what you want. We’re here to pamper you, relax you and to make sure your wedding hairstyle is the icing on the perfect wedding cake that is your special day.

When you’re ready to make your wedding day hair style appointment, give us a call in Saint James, NY at 631-780-4862. Make sure you let the receptionist know why you’re coming in so we can leave plenty of time for your consultation. While you’re at it, why don’t you make it a party and have all your bridesmaids come with you for their own consultations.

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