How to Choose the Right Hair Color for You

Autumn is a season of change, and as the leaves on the trees change their colors, women throughout Suffolk County, Long Island begin to think about changing their hair color to match. Whether it’s the trees changing their manes that inspires us to thoughts of changing our own, or it’s simply that our summer hair color that looked so great with our Long Island summer tan, doesn’t look as great with our paler fall complexion, it’s a fact that women throughout Long Island think of changing their hair color in fall.

So, whether you’re thinking of changing your color to match the bright reds of some tree leaves or more blonde to capture the yellows so prominent in fall, or maybe even toning down your summer blonde to more of an autumn brunette, picking a color that’s right for you is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

One of the first things to consider when choosing a new color for your hair is the color of your skin. Your hair is naturally a frame for your face, so you need to consider what hair color will complement your natural skin tone. While you may love how your favorite actress looks with her bright red tresses, consider whether her skin tone is the same as yours. The same goes for bright blondes and even dark browns and blacks. Following are a few golden rules of professional hair coloring from the hair color professionals at Pavlova Salon in Saint James, Smithtown, NY.

Pavlova Salon Blonde Hair Color Smithtown Wading River NYPale Skin

Pale Skin is naturally suited to nearly any hair color, but you should be careful about really dark to black tones. The darker the hair surrounding your face, the paler your skin will appear. Really pale skin projects a sick appearance and can make you look older than you are. It also looks less natural.

Pink Skin

Pinked skinned women tend to look better with ash tones in their hair. Going red or golden blonde accentuates your already pinkish skin color and is not necessarily flattering.

Pavlova Salon Brunette Hair Color Smithtown, Wading River, NYOlive Skin

If you have olive skin, you will likely look best with darker hair colors. Darker hair colors simply look more natural against olive-colored skin. Going too light with your hair against this skin tone screams “look at my hair color” rather than showing off the natural beauty of you.

Dark Skin

If you have darker skin, you’re options to go more dramatic are opened up considerably from some other skin tones. Dark skinned women can pull off striking colors as they will look good with your natural skin tone. You want to beware of soft shades because these can blend with your color and make your skin looked kind of washed out.

One way to determine what colors might look good in your hair is to consider what color clothes look good on you.

  • Warm hair tones tend to look good on women who look good in clothes that are red, orange, golden yellow, olive green or rust.
  • Cool hair tones tend to look best on women who look good in bluish red, fuchsia, black royal blue or pine green.
  • Neutral hair tones look good on women for whom reds, purples, greys, periwinkle or teal clothes look best.

Finally, you should think about how much maintenance you’re prepared to do with your new hair color. Hair grows and as it grows, your natural hair color will begin to show its face like new shoots in spring. If you’re making a dramatic hair color change from your natural color, you’re going to need touch-ups more often. If you’re going from a natural dark brown or black to a platinum blonde, how much are those dark roots going to bother you when they start to grow in? Dark roots with bright blonde hair is a look, but is it one that’s appropriate for you and your lifestyle? If not, you’ll be making frequent trips back to the salon for touch ups.

Pavlova Salon Ombre Hair Color Smithtown Wading River NYOmbre

Of course, there’s always the Ombre look. Popularized by pop music stars and other celebrities, a natural ombre mimics the look of a hair color that is being grown out. Generally, it has darker, more natural shades at the roots, with gradual lightening toward the ends. This trend has gone from very natural looking to shocking with the ends being lightened to everything from blonde to red to shocking pinks and purples. It’s a very flattering look on some girls and young women, but more mature women or those with “professional-type” careers might find it difficult to pull off in some of the more dramatic incarnations.

On the other hand, if you have lighter hair color and you want to go very dark or black, be sure that you’ll want this color for a while. Black can be very difficult to dye lighter and match your original hair color. It also can present similar maintenance challenges as going very light over very dark.

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