Enjoy a New Look with Natural Hair Extensions

Looking for a new look? Often, when we’ve had a hair style for a while and we’re “bored with it” our first stop is our favorite stylist for a new hair cut and style. Of course, it’s a relatively simple matter to cut long hair into shorter hair, but what if you already have a shoulder-length or shorter cut? Unless you want to go really extreme, you can’t really cut much more off – but you can go longer.

Today’s hair extensions give you a wealth of options to add length, fullness, texture and even color, to any cut – long or short. Professional hair extensions are more popular than ever. Just look to your favorite celebrities; many of them change their hair extensions like they change their shoes.

Natural Hair Extensions from Pavlova Salon can add hair color, texture and length.
Today’s hair extensions are a far cry from the extensions of yesteryear. No longer do have to use fake-looking synthetic hair that damaged your natural hair through braiding, tracking or damaging glue. Today’s hair extensions, like the SoCap extensions used at Pavlova Salon in Saint James, NY, use real human hair so it looks, acts and feels natural on you. And today’s bonding techniques are much more hi-tech to prevent damage to your natural hair when you want to remove them.

“Now that there are perfectly safe methods of attachment, the public needs to be reeducated to understand all the benefits and possibilities,” SoCap president Ron Cardillo states on the SoCap website. “They also need to think of hair extensions as not only a way to add length, but as a way to add volume, texture and color.”

Hair extensions are becoming a popular method of changing or testing out a new hair color before the more permanent professional hair colorist works their magic. With 91 hair color options in three different textures (straight, wavy or curly), SoCap extensions can perfectly match, complement or contrast with your natural color. You can even try a new color with extensions to see how you like it or how it complements your skin tone and shading before you see your professional colorist for a permanent color.

Pavlova Salon’s fully trained SoCap Hair Extensions professionals offer limitless hair design options from hair color transformations, added new textures and added fullness. Visit your local Pavlova Salon in Saint James, NY today to learn why today’s hair extensions are known for much more than length.

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