Fall Hair Style Trends in Smithtown

Undone Hair Style Fall 2013 As the hair stylists at the best salon in Smithtown say farewell to summer on Long Island, it’s time to welcome autumn in all its glory. It’s time to shed your summer hair style and replace it with a fall look that matches today’s hair fashion.

When we look for cues to the coming hair trends, we look to the fashion runways and red carpets to set the style of what’s to come. And good news! Hair styles for Fall 2013 are all about casual and care-free looks – or at least they’re designed to look that way. Some of these styles are really care-free, while others require a little work to make them look casual.

The Top Hair Trends in Smithtown for Fall 2013

Undone Hair Style Fall 2013The ‘Undone’ Look. The effortless cool look is in right now. You’re beautiful and you know it. You don’t need to spend hours getting every strand of hair in just the perfect place and use blow dryers, curling irons, gel and hair spray to hold it there all day, right? Well, the Undone Look is for you. Look like you just ran your fingers through your hair and ran out the door. You’re “too cool” to care. Well, the look may say that, but that doesn’t mean you really ran your fingers through your hair and walked out the door. The Undone Look takes the right cut, and the right hair, to look pretty and cool without looking like you woke up with bedhead and walked out the door. It’s a look that can go either way. It can say, I don’t care about the way I look or, it can say casual, chic and cool.  Be sure to get it right to avoid embarrassment while you’re out and about.

Sleek Low Pony Tail Fall 2013 Hair StyleLow Ponytails. Ponytails have been around for years, but they’re making a comeback (as if they ever left!). Today’s ponytail comes in seven different flavors: simple, messy, curly, wavy, sleek, full and ultra-low. Match your low ponytail to your personal style, your mood and your activities. Ponytails are simple to create and depending upon your mood and style, you can have a different flavor every day of the week. The amount of work you put into it will be determined by the style you’re looking for that day. Going jogging? A simple rubber band or elastic ponytail holder band may do the trick. Wearing it to the office? You might want to wear a thicker and more color-coordinated band. Going to a more formal event, you might want to tie that ponytail back with something more elegant. The availability and options for ways to tie back your ponytail are endless.

Low Pony Tails Hair Styles for Fall 2013

Faux Bangs Fall 2013 Hair Style

Faux Bangs. Bangs are a major hair style commitment. Once you cut your hair to form bangs, they’re going to be with you for a while. You’ve got to commit to them. Do you like the look sometimes, but aren’t ready to commit to cutting your hair to accommodate them? Good news again! You can create a look with faux bangs! Part your hair on the side and style your hair across your forehead and suddenly you’ve got bangs without the commitment. Depending upon the length of your hair, you may have to pin it back, but that just gives you another opportunity to accessorize. There are lots of beautiful hair pins today to match any look, occasion and your own personal style.

The Wet Look Fall 2013 Hair StyleThe Wet Look Fall 2013 Hair StyleThe Wet Look. This one is new for 2013. While the look can be very casual and nonchalant, it takes some work and plenty of hair product to pull off. Here too, there are a number of ways to style your wet look hair. There’s the somewhat sexy, fresh out of the shower look that’s messy and appears to be uncombed. It looks like you didn’t have time to do your hair or you just don’t care, but you’ve got to be careful and take the time to make it look that way when it’s really not the case.  The other, more elegant look, is a styled and sleek, but still wet. It’s not dripping wet like you just got out of the shower, but more of the damp, towel-dried look. You’ll have to use plenty of the right hair care product to keep your hair looking damp for hours, but spend the time to get it just right and you’ll look sleek and refined all day (or night).

Big Hair Fall 2013 Hair Style

Big Hair Fall 2013 Hair StyleBig Hair Is Back! Remember how we laughed when we look at pictures of ourselves or others from the ‘80s? What were we thinking with all that teased “big hair”. Well, laugh no more; it’s making a comeback. This hair style certainly bucks the fall fashion trend of simple and relaxed, but big hair can be elegant and make a statement that we care about how we look and our hair is a part of our personal style. It’s kind of retro, but retro is “in”. It’s probably not going to be your everyday look, but if you’re looking to make a statement, big hair can be it.Big Hair Fall 2013 Hair Style

So, no matter what your personal preference, you can be sure the hair style look for Autumn is casual and comfortable. Some styles may require more care to pull off “casual”, but the main theme is that your hair shouldn’t look like you spent hours getting it that way.

Need Help Picking the Fall Look for You?

The hair stylists at the best hair salon in Saint James, Smithtown are happy to help you pull off the perfect cutting edge hair style for Autumn 2013. If you live near Smithtown, give us a call in our St. James location at 631-780-4862 for an appointment

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