How to Choose the Best Long Island Hair Salon

Pavlova Salon IconYou deserve the best, don’t you? So how do you find the best hair salon on Long Island for you? Unfortunately, not everybody who will read this post lives within commuting distance of the Pavlova Salon in Saint James, Smithtown, NY, so we thought we would tell you a little about what you should look for when choosing the best hair salon for you if you can’t come visit us.

There are a number of important things to consider when choosing a hair salon and the experts at Pavlova Salon in Saint James are here to help you know what to look for when choosing a new salon on Long Island for you.

It’s Your Hair, and Your Hair Salon Must Suit You

Your hair is an integral part of your personality. It frames your face and tells people a little about you. Are you wild and crazy? Subdued and refined? Sporty and fun? If your hair is so much a part of you, it’s important to find the best salon for you and your personality. Any salon you choose should have hair stylists and other beauty professionals that specialize in all the different styles so you can find one that’s perfect for you. At Pavlova, we have 24 different hair care and other professionals between our two locations and while each of them is well-versed in every conceivable hair style, like any artist, they have their own styles.

Pavlova Salon Saint James New YorkRelax. Take a Little ‘Me Time’

For most women, a trip to the hair salon is a little break in their day. It’s a little “me-time”. A time to relax and be pampered for a change. You spend so much of your day doing things for other people – your boss, your kids, your husband or significant other – your hair salon should be a place where you can instantly relax. When you walk through the doors, you should want to take a deep breath and feel the tension drain from your body. So, the first thing to look for when choosing the best salon for you on Long Island is someplace that feels comfortable. It should be your little “happy place”. Does your salon make you feel that way? If not, it may be time for a change. At Pavlova, we spend a lot of time and energy ensuring that our salon is an oasis from the stress of the everyday world. Take a look at the videos on our location pages to get an idea of the ambiance at our Saint James location here

Clean & Comfortable Salon

Of course, a big part of being comfortable and being able to relax is the ambiance and cleanliness of your hair salon. You want your hair salon to be relaxed, but you don’t want its workers to let the place go. A quick look around should tell you if the salon management and workers care about the place and keep it clean. Of course, there’s a fine line between clean and antiseptic (you wouldn’t want your hair cut in an operating room, would you?) and clean and warm. If your hair salon’s workers put care into their workstations and supplies, chances are, they’ll take care of you too. At our Pavlova Salon location in St. James, NY our stylists take pride, not only in their own appearance, but in the appearance of the entire salon. It starts with their own station, but extends out to the entire salon, from the reception area to the rest rooms. Take a look at the videos on our locations pages to get an idea of the ambiance at our Saint James  location here.

Hair Stylist Selection

While you have a definite personality and a style that’s all your own, every once in a while we need a change. Have you had the same hair style all your life? Probably not. Most women change their hair styles a couple of times a year (some even more). When looking for the best hair salon on Long Island you want to find one that has stylists that can change your style with your mood. While all great hair stylists tend to have a specialty, whether that’s formal or casual, layered or long, or whatever, they should be able to help you choose a new hair style and execute it with perfection. You should look for a hair salon that has a number of stylists, each of whom continues to learn new styles and techniques but who each have a unique specialty. This way, even if you love your stylist for your everyday hairstyle, if you happen to have a special occasion or need for something different, your regular salon will have a hair stylist that specializes in that approach. If, for example, your everyday style is relaxed and comfortable, but you want an Up-do for a formal event or wedding, your hair salon should have someone who specializes in that kind of hair style. As we noted earlier, with 24 different stylists and other personal care professionals on staff, each with their own personality, strengths, and specialties, we make sure that we have a well-rounded staff to handle any style or personal preference.

And unlike some other salons where the stylists greedily covet their clients, our stylists are happy to share and let you try someone new if that is what will serve you best. What goes around, comes around. We understand that it’s in everyone’s best interest – yours, ours, the salon’s — for you to leave our salon with the perfect cut and style and happy and feeling better than when you walked in. If you’re happy, we’re happy.

Comprehensive Salon Services

If part of your selection of the best hair salon on Long Island for you is your ability to take some “me-time” to relax, you should be sure that your hair salon offers ALL of the services you may need. And not just offer them, but be experts at them. You don’t want to have to go one place for your hair cut, another for your color, another for your nails, facial, waxing, etc. Check out the Services menu of any hair salon you’re considering to ensure that it can be your one-stop shop for pampering. What could be more relaxing than walking in tired and stressed out and leaving a new woman with your hair and nails done, a fresh facial, eyebrows waxed and ready to face the world with renewed vigor. That’s the sign of the best salon on Long Island, and that’s what we offer at Pavlova Salon. Check out our Services menu to see all that we offer. We want you to leave either of our salons feeling renewed, refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Hair Care Product Selection

Ever notice how you can never quite get your hair as perfect as when your stylist does it? Well, of course, they’re experts at your hair and they can easily see the back of your head, which you can’t, but they also have a secret weapon you might not have (aside from talent and training): they have access to professional quality hair care products. When you get that wash and condition before your cut have you ever asked what they’re using on your hair? How about hair spray, mousse or leave-in conditioner? You should. Professional hair care products can make a big difference in the texture, shine, manageability and style-ability of your hair. If you want to get the same results, you have to start with the same products. Be sure to ask what your hair stylist is using and whether the hair salon offers those products for sale. Walking out with the same ingredients your stylist used is half the recipe to perfect hair. At Pavlova Salon, we offer a comprehensive selection of professional quality hair care products to ensure your hair looks its best every day, not just when you leave our salon in Saint James, NY. Check out the professional hair care products we use and have available for you here.

Make the Right Choice for You

Finding the best hair salon on Long Island isn’t about picking the closest salon or the one with the shiniest sign or coupon in the paper. It’s about finding the best hair salon for you; one that matches your personal style, taste, needs and desires. We hope that the tips in this article will help you if you can’t make it to our Saint James (631-780-4862) location. Check us out and Like us on Facebook at

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