Pavlova Salon | Best Hair Salon in St. James, Long Island,NY
Pavlova has been considered the best salon on Long Island, with two great locations in St. James, NY. We serve Smithtown and surrounding areas.

What Makes Pavlova Salons Special?

History, dedication to clients, staff excellence, continuing education, and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for our clients

Pavlova Salon owner Rick ScappaturaFounder Rick Scappatura has been the owner of Pavlova Salon, formerly known as Richard Jean Hair Salon, since it first opened its doors in Saint James, New York in 1986. Pavlova Hair & Beauty Salon is continually committed to hiring professionals who excel at their craft and strive to achieve their fullest potential every day. We highly value our staff of professional stylists, colorists and makeup artists and believe that long-term employment is the key to their growth and the satisfaction of our valued clients. Recognizing that our staff is the key to our success, Pavlova Salon invests in a continuing education program to ensure our professionals are on the cutting edge of all the latest trends in hair design and maintain their professional growth and satisfaction at Pavlova.

Extra-Ordinary Client Relationships & Passionate Service Are the Keys to Our Success

Pavlova Salon is dedicated to providing excellent client services in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere every day. In keeping with its commitment for its staff to stay current, Pavlova Salon ensures the ambiance and décor at its salon maintains current design sensibilities to ensure its client’s comfort and maintain its standing as one of the best hair salons on Long Island.

Since its inception, Pavlova Salon has continually invested in renovations, remodeling and redecorating to incorporate practical aspects of functionality, productivity, environmental awareness and respect for a tradition of glamour and elegance. Our staff gives each client our best by creating the most relaxing and pampering environment possible.

Pavlova Salon is committed to customer service, top quality work, a professional atmosphere and a successful, experienced, professional staff. These goals are accomplished through constant awareness of customer needs, and the continuous education and training of our professional, friendly staff.